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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  February 15, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> itself from the sky, a meteor crash as to earth, injuring more than 1000 people in russia. you are watching al jazeera. the other top story -- cheers for hugo chavez. support tourist are delighted to see his first photos since cancer -- supporters are delighted to see his first photosensor cancer surgery. israel's army breaks out protesters over political prisoners as a hunger strike worsens. >> wrestling is a centuries-old
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tradition, but the once popular sport does not attract the crowds it once used to. >> it traveled at a speed of 54,000 kilometers per hour and struck with the force of an atomic bomb. a meteor has crashed into the region of russia, injuring more than 1000 people. the impact would have devastated a more inhabited area. >> a massive a ball of fire and smoke tearing across a mid morning sky. this was the site seen by many and chelyabinsk, as they've made their way to work and to their children to school. there was no warning of the meteorite. using their mobile phones, people found the trail of smoke.
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-- filmed the trail of smoke. and then, a sonic boom would set off car alarms and smashed windows. >> there was a flash of light. a loud blast happened. people started to panic. somebody screamed, the end of the earth. it reminded me of action movies. the light was very bright. the light lasted for three seconds. >> hundreds of people were injured, mostly by fragments of flying glass. several are in critical condition. the region that lies 1,500 kilometers east of moscow. it is were the first soviet plutonium bomb was developed. many residents thought this was a military attack.
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even the damage is being reported in six cities, it was a lucky escape for the region. >> the meet your felonies -- the meteor fell in a sparsely populated area. we are very lucky. >> russia will need bigger telescopes and a lot more of them if they are to create an early warning system. most media hours break up before they fall to earth. teors break-- meet up before they fall to earth. >> then as well as government has released these first pictures of presidents hugo chavez following his latest cancer surgery. he had not been seen in public since he went to cuba for his fourth round of treatment in december. >> it was the news they had been
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waiting weeks for supporters gathered to celebrate. the 58-year-old president has not been seen in over two months. in these first images, he is picture posing with his daughters. >> i was waiting for those pictures. when i saw the picture, i began to thank god for this miracle. some people did not believe he is alive. >> every day, we are praying, wishing him to come back because we need him. there is no one like him in the world. >> the government says the president is still recovering from a respiratory infection. when his son-in-law spoke on state television, he reassured viewers that he is still leading the country. >> he communicates perfectly
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well and he makes himself understood. this is a reversible process. >> for human rights activist that was not good enough. his organization has filed a legal challenge to verify whether hugo chavez is well enough to do his job. >> the only thing this -- these pictures proved is that the present is alive. -- the president is alive. >> for supporters, at there is only relief that after so many weeks, they have been given a sign that their ailing leader alive. by the government's own admission, he still has a long and complex road to recovery. these pictures will convert his supporters and perhaps silence the critics -- comfort his supporters and perhaps silence the critics. no one should be lulled into a false sense of security.
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both his entire country's future is still hangs in the balance. >> syrian opposition activists say rebels from -- rebels have captured a military airbase and a large ammunition store. the facility is an east of aleppo. fighting around the site has left 150 people dead over the last two days. this amateur video is said to show more air strikes in the capital damascus. these pictures, which we cannot verify, or reportedly shot. tens of thousands of people in bahrain have rallied on the second anniversary of anti- government protests. crowds marched along a main highway near the capital calling for reform.
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a teenager and a security official were killed during demonstrations on thursday. egyptian police have fired teargas and anti-government protesters in the capital cairo. opponents of the president fought police outside one of his palaces. supporters took part in a separate rally in the city. israeli police have battled with palestinian protesters outside a prison in the occupy west bank. more than 100 demonstrators were injured. they're demanding the release of political prisoners. nickel johnston reports. >> there were a few minutes of quiet prayer in front of the israeli military base. as soon as the presented, the fighting started. -- as soon as the prayers ended, the fighting started. some palestinians threw rocks. the israeli army fired teargas
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and rubber bullets. the crowd was pushed back. people had gathered to protest against the arrest and detention of all palestinian political prisoners, but especially one man. >> we are here to say he spent 206 days on honker strike. we're sending the world's -- on honduras strike. we're sending the world a message. >> he has become the latest symbol of palestinians and the israeli occupation. none of them have been on hunger strike as long as he has. he was first jailed 10 years ago for allegedly planning attacks 10 years ago. it was part of the deal that freed the captured israeli soldier. he moved back to jerusalem with his family. around seven months ago, he was
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arrested again. israel says he broke the conditions of this relief by being on the west bank side of the separation wall. he appeared in an israeli court in december and was already on hunger strike. it was the last time they saw him. he now weighs about 46 kilos. >> everyone is crying for him. >> his father and sisters say they respect his decision to continue the strike. his mother says she has backed him to stop. -- begged him to stop. >> kenya's high court has cleared the way for president joe candidate and his running mate to is -- for presidential candidate and his running mate to stand in the next election.
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they're facing charges for crimes against humanity over violence during the 2007 election. oscar has swept in court as he was charged with murdering his girlfriend. the south african athletes also issued a statement denying he had shot her. >> olympic -- he breaks down in tears at his first court appearance. he was arrested on thursday added some for shooting his girlfriend. prosecutors said they want to charge him with premeditated murder. >> the case has been postponed until tuesday. >> in a statement, his management company says the murder is disputed in the strongest terms.
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he will stay in police custody until his next court appearance. his preference family is devastated. they want justice. -- his girlfriend's family is devastated. >> they want justice. >> we do not have to make any judgment. >> police have given few details about the shooting. the local media are speculating over why the olympic track star shot her, who was a well-known model in south africa. it was shot in jamaica last year and many people say they will watch. the episode is dedicated to her.
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it could give south africans an opportunity to learn more about who the model was. but understanding why she was killed will take longer. > >> the top stories. they meet your has plummeted to earth in russia with the force of an atomic bomb. more than 1000 people were injured and buildings damaged. scientist say a more inhabited area would have been devastated by the impact. supporters of hugo chavez are celebrating after seeing his first photos after cancer surgery. he posed with his daughters while holding a cuban newspapers with thursday's date on it. israeli police have fought with
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palestinian protesters outside of prison in the west bank. more than 100 per injured -- were injured. just hours after the meat something bigger curled past earth. >> close, but no cause for alarm. scientists had -- had dismissed the asteroid would pose a threat to earth. that is 50 meters wide and weighs about 130,000 tons. no object of this size has flown so far to earth since records began. the asteroid passed ball little under 28,000 kilometers from earth. that is much closer than the moon.
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it is well beyond the orbit of most communications satellite. there are some satellites which orbit around 35,000 kilometers above the planet. the collision was considered highly unlikely. >> we can project through most of the 21st century. we are looking at the possibility that it could hit the earth and the year 2018. i expect that will go way. >> the asteroid is traveling at a speed of about 28,000 kilometers an hour. it is about 8 kilometers a second. it could be seen with binoculars or a small telescope. asteroid 2012 comes near the earth every year. this year, it is the closest it has ever ben. it gave scientists their best chance to examine the rock and its orbit. >> we will study the physical
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properties by measuring its size, shape, rotation, try to understand its surface roughness. we will be measuring its distance and velocity. >> they say will not be this close again for decades. >> india has returned the body of the pakistan soldier. the indian army says he was shot during a gunbattle with its troops on indian soil. the pakistan military says this soldier at still be crossed the line of control. -- accidentally crossed the line of control. at least four people have died during more unrest in bangladesh over war crimes tribunal. supporters of the islamic party clashed with police. they say a life sentence given to one of their leaders was politically motivated.
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they have been -- there have been larger demonstrations in support of the trial. >> the seaside town, the scene of the latest confrontation between police and supporters of the largest islamic party. several people were killed after it -- officers said they opened fire on the protesters after they were shot at. they do appear to show that the crisis surrounding the controversial war crimes tribunal is far from over. these people say all life term handed out on february 5 was too harsh. the charges are politically motivated. in the capital, and other big protest was held to declare the sentence was too lenient. these bangladeshis' want him
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executed. >> it is a very divisive issue. the verdict has caused protests from both sides. people feel it was not harsh enough. >> a prominent blogger had been at the rally who was later found killed near his som. he had been a strong critic. the war crimes tribunal was set up by the prime minister in 2010. to investigate abuses during the 1971 war for independence from pakistan. they denied accusations that it helped the pakistani army. one estimate puts the number of people who died at 3 million. the number was far lower, they say. he was convicted on charges including murder, torture, rape. >> i have come here to demand the trial of the war criminals
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and it must be hanged. this is not the time to stay at home. >> last month, the tribunal did sentenced a former leader to death. he was tried, he fled the country in april. supporters of the tribunal are expecting a similar sentence. human rights groups have criticized the trials for failing to meet international legal standards. he came to power partly on a promise to bring justice for the crimes of 1971. still appears to have a lot of work ahead of her. >> north korea's leader has made its first public appearance since tuesday's controversial nuclear bomb tests. he handed out awards in memory of this late father king john l. -- kim jong-un el.
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the north has told china more tests are planned. the european union has agreed to begin random dna checks on meat products to try to stop the spread of horse meat contamination. as more and more beef products are found to contain horse meat, feed processors, retailers, and government are all rejecting blame. reports on a confidence crisis for consumers. >> frank godfrey is an old fashioned a butcher's shop. >> before supermarkets, at this was where the british but the meat. -- bought their meat. what you see is what you get. >> it has become so large. it has become a massive machine. there is a lot of people in that machine.
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the more they squeeze, something has to give. >> in today's market, this may be the only place to find meet with absolute confidence, but it comes as -- at a higher price. >> to discover exactly how complex the modern food chain has become. selling to agents in another who sell to meet processing plants. that is before it reaches your local supermarket. it does not inspire confidence. the latest labeling scandal and the confusion over how best to respond to it has betrayed trust. >> they are buying fresh, making it for themselves but of the remaining 75%, have said it will not buy processed mills now. to really significant difference -- processed meals now. people are very nervous about
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it. >> the supermarket remains the affordable option. in a sense, they are trapped. >> they are making huge amounts of money off the poor, the cannot afford to go to a local butcher or a farmer's market. >> it is probably a pipe dream. the modern demands of price and convenience are too heavy. for supermarket businesses that built a reputation on price and quality, the job of rebuilding consumer confidence will be a hard one. >> facebook has revealed that its computer system was passed last month. the company says it was targeted in a sophisticated attack. no data was taken and the problem has been corrected. u.s. president barack obama has called on congress to pass stricter gun regulations. he was speaking during a visit
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to his home city of chicago. many feel his plans might not make a difference to the growth in the gun crimes. >> there were 20 shot heard over there. >> what president obama came home to. >> about every couple of days, at i hear about a gun for sale. nothing to do what they done sor -- gun store. they're still on the streets. >> 506 people were killed in chicago last year. " this is the third or fourth shooting of the block. >> more americans that have died during afghanistan the same time. she has lost all four of her children to gun violence. >> i never imagined i would lose all of my children. i did the best i could.
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>> most are young, black, and trapped in the poverty. >> this is not for real. i will not even acknowledge that statement. but she gathered 50,000 signatures on petitions urging the president to visit and address the war in his city's streets. on friday, and he did just that. >> the experience of gun ownership is different in urban areas than it is in rural areas. different from upstate and downstate illinois. these proposals deserve the votes in congress. [applause] they deserve a vote. >> when president obama came to the south side of chicago, he had a problem. most of the guns here are bought illegally on the street. we outlined a set of economic proposals he said would get at the root of the violence
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problem. poverty and hopelessness. the culture of violence in chicago would likely take years to change. >> the good die young. i know a lot of good people. just focused on getting financially stable. giving away from chicago. ain't nothing here for me. >> without the means to buy their way to better neighborhoods or the means to leave, there is no escape from these violent streets. >> since the days of ancient greece, wrestling has been an olympic sport. the international olympic committee is proposing to drop the sport from the 2020 games. wrestling has also fallen on hard times in pakistan. >> before every match, they dig up the traditional mud c
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ourt. once the clay is smooth, the wrestling begins. he has been wrestling for the past six years. fast on his feet and extremely powerful, and he hopes one day he will be a star. >> i want to win a medal in international wrestling and to bring glory to pakistan. >> there are few. most young people in pakistan are more interested in sports like crickets that, along with government neglect and poverty has insured the once glorious feats of wrestlers are fast fading memories. when the indian subcontinent was partitioned in 1947, there were more than 7000 wrestlers in the city alone. now there are fewer than 300.
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he remembers the glory days of pakistan wrestling, a former national champion. he tries to attract young people to the sport. >> are wrestling culture -- are wrestling culture is nearly dead. this court is 300 years old. this entire area used to be filled with people. there was nowhere to stand. now we hardly have any one, and watch us. >> little private sponsorship and no government support, there is not enough money for the costly food and training these wrestlers need to stay competitive. leading pakistan's proud history as a resting powerhouse in the hat -- in the past. >> the turtle is proof of the problem if you don't succeed, try and try again. she is trying out a pair of artificial flippers for the 27 time. her own once were ripped off in
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a sharp attack. -- shark attack. its owners hope the latest flippers will succeed after earlier versions failed. >> my dream for her is that one day she can use her fins. what about and take eight -- did what about and take eight -- did a
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